Julia Schaefer, Personal Trainer Fremont

Athlete Spotlight: Julia Schaefer Aspire Athletics, Seattle Bodybuilding Gym

Name: Julia Schaefer

Sport: Bodybuilding

Gym: Aspire Athletics

Achievements: National Level Bikini Competitor; several Top 5 finishes in the Bikini B class over the last five years, as well as two Overall Wins.

Best Lifts: Best lift… total toss up! My squat and deadlift tend to chase each other and be the two top contenders for my strongest lifts!

How did you get started?
I have loved hiking ever since I was a little girl.  I would go on camping trips and day hikes with my dad as soon as the weather turned.  I have MANY memories of screaming at my dad, as he would trek ahead of me.

Fast forward to high school, as “teenage drama” took over my life.  That coupled with the reality check of seeing that I was heading down the same unhealthy path that many of my families members were on, drove me to fitness and nutrition.

Fitness became my outlet, and nutrition became my passion.  Fast forward five or so years, and Rachel Murray entered my life.  She saw my dedication to the gym and the kitchen, and suggested that I try competing.  I haven’t looked back since!

What does your training look like? 
I am “scheduled” to lift six days a week, but to be honest, I usually add in a seventh day 😀 I try to limit my cardio, as there have been times when I have become WAY too reliant on cardio to keep my physique in check!

I always push myself to lift as heavy as I can.  I’m super competitive with myself, so every time I train, I try to beat my last numbers.

What does your diet look like?
Protein pancakes… and more protein pancakes. I love them. I eat them twice a day. It’s an addiction.  And NO! Not the protein pancake mixes, I make them using MyOatmeal custom blends, egg whites, baking powder, and a splash of cashew milk!

I also incorporate a TON of veggies, various meats (white fish, chicken breast, ground turkey, and steak), and always sneak a small spoon full of some sort of nut butter… oops!

Do you have any upcoming goals or competitions? 
Glutes and Shoulders! Always my goal.  I also want to break 300lb for my squat and deadlift!

Upcoming competitions— I’m thinking of a Powerlifting Meet and trying Figure out in the NPC in 2017!  Nothing set in stone for either yet though!

Favorite Movie/TV show?
Favorite movie would depend on what type of mood I am in! I LOVE Fight Club, American History X, The Imitation Game, and The Devil’s Advocate to name a few… on a lighter note, I Love You Man… and pretty much anything with Paul Rudd is a winner in my book!

As far as TV goes, anything on the Food Network. I’m a SUCKER for watching yummy food.

I also am a huge fan of House Hunters International. I’m fascinated with traveling/living abroad!

If you could trade places with anyone on earth for 24 hours, who would it be and why?
I never really have an answer for this question.  There are many people whom I look up to and admire, but not really one person that I wish I could trade lives with.  Maybe one of my dogs! They all have pretty damn amazing lives! Playing around at the park and lounging around being cuddled and loved all day sounds good to me!

Favorite “cheat” meal?
Froyo will always be my answer to this question! Froyo with ALL of the toppings!

For a more savory cheat, nothing is better than a good Filet Mignon!

Who do you look up to?
There are so many people whom I look up to.  I am going to go the more unexpected route (for those who know me), and say my sister, Michelle.  I have never met a harder worker in my entire life.  Her determination and drive to succeed are unparalleled.

She has built such an amazing life for herself, and she is only 31! Her list of accomplishments never ceases to amaze me, and it just keeps getting longer and longer.

Further, Michelle is the definition of a strong woman.  She pushes herself as well as those around her.  And she always sticks up for her lil sis 🙂

Honorable mentions go on to include my mom and dad, Ted Tanase (my guardian angel), Natalie Joffe (my life coach/life line/sanity), and Cem Eren (my fitness industry inspiration)

What 3 things would you take with you on a desert island?
My toy aussie, Sheldon… not a thing, but he single handedly fills my heart with more love than anyone or anything else on this planet.

Endless supply of coffee… because the addiction is REAL.

And lastly, Chocolate Ice Cream Isatori Bio Gro!!! It is insanely delicious! And I swear by it!

Whats the best way to follow you? 
Follow me on Instagram – @JSchae89