Tasha Gundy Testimonial

A year ago I walked into Aspire Athletics for the first time, on my way to meet Julia Schaefer. Little did I know then, that such a small decision would have such a resounding impact on my life. I was overweight and hadn't lifted a thing in over 2 years. I had recently started a new relationship and my insecurities and self criticism were spiraling out of control. I was quietly binge eating and drinking to mask it all. In short, I was not happy, even though I had many reasons to be. From that very first meeting on, she convinced me to commit to a little bit more and try a little bit harder than I thought I could. She said "trust me" and I chose to, despite it being against my nature. It's a decision I'll never regret.

For months, I trained inconsistently and ate poorly but she never reacted with judgement. Instead, she offered gentle but firm advice about reaching my goals. It took awhile, but eventually I was ready to commit to something more. With Julia's help I identified new goals and set out to lose 20 pounds of fat while still training heavier. There's been ups and downs and periods of endless self doubt, but she has helped me navigate it all with her relentless support. In subtle ways, my own negative inner voice has grown quieter and every day i see my body (and self) as stronger and more capable. As I near my weight-loss target, I realize how much more important the emotional journey has been and could not have asked for a better trainer, coach, or cheerleader.

Tasha Grundy