Geneen Nelson Testimonial

Testimonial: Geneen Nelson
Aspire Athletics, Powerlifting Gym in Fremont, Seattle

Originally from New Mexico, and having competed in May of 2015 in bikini – when I moved to Seattle I knew I wanted to find a trainer at the very least, but I was pretty sure I would never compete again. Training for the 2015 competition was a “less than favorable” experience. After working out with Julia a few times we started throwing around the idea of training for a show and she sat me down to talk about diet and workout plan. From day one it has been a TOTALLY different experience. I am less than 5 weeks out from my bikini competition and it has flown by. Julia is the most hands on, “right there with you” trainer I have ever met. Constantly re-adjusting my diet and exercises 100% customized to what MY body is doing. She has also been the most encouraging, genuinely positive person – every time I feel that I can’t do another set, or I am craving something unhealthy, she is right there to remind me of why I started on this journey, what my end game is, and remind me of the body and long term health I seek. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is just looking to feel a little better about themselves, or someone who really wants to push their bodies to see how far they can take it. She will be your biggest fan and cheerleader!!

Geneen Nelson
Geneen Nelson, Aspire Athletics