Julia Schaefer, Personal Trainer Fremont





There are thousands of qualified trainers and nutritionists out there. Many of us have gone through the same or very similar certifications, have had to climb the same “ladders” in our careers, and all claim to be some sort of weight loss or athletic guru.

What makes me different? How can I make an impact in your life more so than any other trainer worth their salt? I will never claim to be an expert or guru, nor will I ever claim to be “the best”. What I can say with confidence, however, is that I truly put my heart and soul into my business and my clients. Health and wellness is truly my passion. I find myself, even after a grueling day, going home and falling asleep iPhone in hand, whilst researching the latest articles in fitness and nutrition.

My constant thirst for knowledge is the very reason that I knew I could handle gym ownership. I will always push myself to learn more for both myself and my clients. I will always try to be at the forefront of the industry. I will obtain every certification that I deem necessary in order to benefit my clients. Furthermore, I will ALWAYS be there to support and encourage each and every single one of my clients, in each and every way possible. The transformation process will far exceed the world of aesthetics.